EMOJI - U5000


EMOJI - U5000 - U5000.01

Product code:U5000.01
Color:01.Green dial Green

EMOJI - U5000 - U5000.02

Product code:U5000.02
Color:02.Yellow dial Yellow

EMOJI - U5000 - U5000.03

Product code:U5000.03
Color:03.Orange dial Orange

EMOJI - U5000 - U5000.04

Product code:U5000.04
Color:04.Fuxia dial Fuxia

EMOJI - U5000 - U5000.05

Product code:U5000.05
Color:05.Blue dial Blue

EMOJI - U5000 - U5000.06

Product code:U5000.06
Color:06.Red dial Red

EMOJI - U5000 - U5000.07

Product code:U5000.07
Color:07.Black index light blue black dial

EMOJI - U5000 - U5000.08

Product code:U5000.08
Color:08.Black dial black

EMOJI - U5000 - U5000.08.BI

Product code:U5000.08.BI
Color:08.White dial Black

EMOJI - U5000 - U5000.09

Product code:U5000.09
Color:09.White dial white

EMOJI - U5000 - U5000.09.NE

Product code:U5000.09.NE
Color:09.Black dial White

EMOJI - U5000 - U5000.10

Product code:U5000.10
Color:10.White index fuxia white dial

EMOJI - U5000 - U5000.11

Product code:U5000.11
Color:11.Green dial Green N.A. fuxia

EMOJI - U5000 - U5000.12

Product code:U5000.12
Color:12.Yellow dial Yellow N.A. violet

EMOJI - U5000 - U5000.13

Product code:U5000.13
Color:13.Orange dial orange N.A. Blue

EMOJI - U5000 - U5000.14

Product code:U5000.14
Color:14.Fuxia dial Fuxia N.A. yellow

EMOJI - U5000 - U5000.15

Product code:U5000.15
Color:15.Blue dial Blue N.A. orange

EMOJI - U5000 - U5000.16

Product code:U5000.16
Color:16.Red dial red N.A. green

EMOJI - U5000 - U5000.17

Product code:U5000.17
Color:17.Black dial Black N.A. Light Blue

EMOJI - U5000 - U5000.18.BI

Product code:U5000.18.BI
Color:18.White dial Black N.A. White

EMOJI - U5000 - U5000.18

Product code:U5000.18
Color:18.Black dial Black N.A. white

EMOJI - U5000 - U5000.19

Product code:U5000.19
Color:19.White dial white N.A. Black

EMOJI - U5000 - U5000.19.NE

Product code:U5000.19.NE
Color:19.Black dial White N.A. Black

EMOJI - U5000 - U5000.20

Product code:U5000.20
Color:20.White dial White N.A. fuxia

EMOJI - U5000 - U5000.21

Product code:U5000.21
Color:21.Blue white dial N.A. black

EMOJI - U5000 - U5000.22

Product code:U5000.22
Color:22. Red white dial N.A. black

Plastic Case - matt Finishing - Diameter ø 41 mm - Case thickness 10 mm - plastic Glass - Dial opening ø 28 mm - Dial numbers and indexes printed - stainless steel snap Crown - stainless steel snap Case Back - Movement 7T35 Miyota - Functions hours, minutes, seconds - silicon Body - stainless steel Buckle - Water Resistant - Weight 24 gr.

DiameterØ 41 mm
Case Thickness10 mm
Dial openingØ 28 mm
Dialfigures printed
Crownstainless steel snap
Case Backstainless steel snap
Movement7T35 Miyota
Functionshours, minutes, seconds
Bucklestainless steel
Water resistantW.R.
Weight24 gr.
Color Dialwhite

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EMOJI - U5000

EMOJI - U5000

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